GoPET is faster, quieter and with better mobility and safety than golf cart or tagger.  Very Cost Effective.–David P, Facility Manager, Dallas, TX

GoPET for Facilities

Managers and directors turn to get GoPET to move people because Mightylift, an industry leader in material handling, backs it.

GoPET for Security

Security team leaders rely on GoPET’s size, flexibility and cost to stay ahead of threats and danger. The GoPET can get forces to the spot stealth like.

GoPET for Education

GoPET is as hot as the Ipad on campuses around the country. Students, faculty and staff can now move exponentially without breaking the budget.

GoPET for Hospitality

Hotels, resorts, golf courses, and the likes appreciate the value added by the MightyLift  GoPET.  Now people can do more, see more, and enjoy more for a lot less.